LG V30: Top 5 Features!

This is LG V 30 this is way better than any other phone LG's ever made and it is so very clean, it's basically the opposite of the essential phone I just reviewed like in every imaginable way.
LG V30: Top 5 Features!

Essential phone is a minimal sort of bare-bones small stock phone from a pretty new company while the LG V30 is a big feature packed really richly enhanced Android flagship from a well-established company has done this before, but I want to share it the LG V30 with you guys because it's so good so these are the top five things that you should know about this phone.

Top 5 Features of LG V30

5. Checked Boxes- All the little things, all the attention to detail in this phone and I think a lot of us can come from the fact that LG has had a lot to learn from the v20 and the G6 and the G5, but some of it is just knowing what people want and this phone checks pretty much all of the boxes imaginable like:

  • It has expandable storage via microSD for those who like it.
  • It has wireless charging.
  • It has fast charging it has USB type-c of course.
  • It has IP certified waterproofing.
  • It has a headphone jack and not only does it have a headphone jack, but it backs it up with a 32-bit quad act that audio enthusiasts will really like. 
  • The removable battery might be gone but the 3300 milliamp hour battery onboard here is pretty promising if not standard for this size.
  • It has fast charging and wireless 
  • It gets the fingerprint reader right also it puts it in the middle of the back

Again it seems like LG V30 is the opposite of that Essential phone which for 700 bucks had literally none of the things that I just mentioned above.

4. The Software- I've said this a couple times in previous articles, but I'm not the biggest Android skin fan, so it takes a lot for me to say this about a phone, but I really don't mind this skin and I think a big part of that for me is how many features LG’s added again think the opposite of the Essential phone this is an LG skin on top of Android 7.1.2 fingers crossed for a getting updated to 8.0 quickly and right off the bat it doesn't feel too cartoonish or weird, there is a bit of bloatware but most of it you can remove or hide if you want and performance is not only smooth as you would expect, but like really fluid high frame rate animations you can't say that about every new phone with the skin, but yeah it just berries so many features in the settings to mess with if you want.

Previous V Sirius phones the v10 the V 20 had that second screen obviously this one doesn't have that but they do have this optional floating bar so you can bring it in from the edge and keep some app shortcuts there or your favorite actions whatever you want, it's basically kind of like apps edge on the new Samsung phones.

You can rearrange the buttons in the bottom of the phone and any order you want, so you can add or remove buttons place it exactly how you want if you take a lot of screenshots you can add that capture button there I'm happy to see that still exists.

There's also these smart settings to adjust profiles basically based on different scenarios so linger at home it might turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and turn down the brightness and set your alarm, but when you get to work it does something different.

It has a couple themes built in too and then of course a themes store if not of the built-in ones suit your fancy, so if you're into that you can really make this phone look a lot different, so there's a lot going on here with the software obviously because it's Android you can use as much of it or as little of it as you want, so you might not be interested in any of the things I just mentioned in which case you never touch them, but if you're interested any of that it's all included.


3. The Design-  it's the huge display up front the 82% screen to body ratio that kind of curves over at the edges, it makes this sort of a glass sandwich design it's not anything we haven't seen before in fact if you didn't know better you might say it looks a lot like a Galaxy Note 8 because it does, but yeah the sides sort of round off smoothly you've got the antenna bands matching pretty well a really thin and lightweight device in the hand, IP certified water-resistant again like design is really complete and this is sort of what you'd expect when you put a dream phone together, minimal bezels the camera bump on the back is the tiniest of bumps so no big deal it doesn't Rock the phone or anything when it's down and the logos aren't too much of an eyesore either.

The only real complaint with the design is I wish they'd put the headphone jack on the bottom, that's it so everything else is props LG.

2. The Display- this new screen is incredibly good, it's a six inch 2880 by 1440p OLED display and it gets really bright, it is totally visible outdoors much more easily than most and honestly rivals some of the best Samsung displays we've seen in the past year two in colors, brightness, clarity and saturation.

Obviously 2880 by 1440 that's an 18 by 9 aspect ratio or as I like to call it since I learn fractions two to one, so it's a bit narrower than your typical sixteen by nine so when you're watching videos or using certain apps sometimes gaming you'll get these black bars on either side of the display, but again it's not that big of a deal since it's an OLED and the black parts of the screen go completely blank.

The viewing angles are pretty good, the curved corners are really great, I mean this is all-around great.

1. The Camera-  the camera is the best feature on the LG v30, this phone supports dual cameras again like all its older brothers on the back gets one 16 megapixel F 1.6 main camera with OYS and then a secondary super wide angle 13 megapixel F 1.9 camera and they've done these dual cameras before with the wide-angle secondary this time just with pretty much everything around them being improved.

The main cameras a lot better, shots off this thing looked top-notch, I’m going to have to disclaim that it's pre-production stuff, but they're clean they have punch, saturated colors, plenty of contrast and detail and dynamic range, of course having a fixed F 1.6 aperture means you can get pretty close to a subject and the background will fade away to a decent Boca which is cool and then the super wide angle camera has less distortion than before so less of that fisheye GoPro look and more of just a really wide angle rectilinear perspective which is awesome.

The camera app itself is really impressive, it’s really what makes this the number one feature on the LG V30, so you can drag the shutter button to move between the two cameras zoom in and out which is smart that's also what Samsung is doing with the Note, it's not the first place we've seen it but it's very clean and it has your usual massive amount of settings, auto HDR, auto phone triggers, self timers, auto mode is obviously the one that most people use, but enthusiasts will get into manual mode, manual video, time lapses, panoramas, slow-motion all that stuff and then there is something called cine mode and when you turn on cine mode the camera records to a flat log color profile so you can maximize sensor data, dynamic range and then add color later.

The cine mode in this LG V30 video camera is literally made for people to import it from the phone and bring it to a computer and edit it later, so this is kind of the ultimate enthusiast’s photo and video cameras.

Obviously stuff like the video quality itself and more photo quality testing and the battery life those things will have to be tested for a full review, but right off the bat v30 looks really promising and I didn't even cover everything but it's pretty clear this will be a mobile photography and videography powerhouse and a phone that enthusiasts who like all those boxes to be checked will really like, so let me know would you get a V30, I mean is V30 on your radar? let me know in the comment section.

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