Amazing Tech Gadget Everyone Should Have In 2018

Technology gadgets are meant to ease our bogus day to day activities and as time goes by new gadgets are being released to enhance human ability and productivity. Here I have put some amazing gadget for the year 2018, I bet these are gadget you shouldn’t miss causing they are going to blow your 2018 experience.

Relax as I list out amazing tech gadgets you need to have for 2018.

1. KADO: 

Every smart phone has a wall charger, the wall charger was meticulously created with no one in mind its massiveness make it a truth hassle to carry around and it’s cables are designed to get beautifully tangled, in truth very little thought was given to the wall charger, well there is good thing there is KADO the world first truly slim charger.

Kado is only 5 millimeters thin less than any phone and it weighs just 21 grams but it’s foldable prongs, Kado fits any wallet or bag and behind any so fit, it has a 2 foot 9 inch long retractable cable to keep you organized and the cable detaches so you can use it with any USB outlet.

Kado comes in 2 versions, the US and European versions coupled with its micro USB, USB C and Apple certified lightning cables you can charge any apple or android devices almost anywhere in the world.

Kado powers up to 10 watts, has rapid charge as a standard there is also an optional clip for your phone.

Kado charges phones tablets and a ton of other devices you can’t even imagine the engineering efforts that it takes to make such a quality slim wall charger.


It's not VPN, it's AlwaysHome! Take your content worldwide

The World’s First Portable Router that is faster and Easier

Taking your home country contact globally is not a challenge anymore all it takes is the plug and play always home dongle that enables 3 to 10 times faster video viewing or long Wi-Fi enabled devices.

With always home take your work globally by having fast access email unlimited web or sending or receiving files to client at speed that won’t frustrate you or the people you work for, meaning less time waiting and more time relaxing. With always home you can securely access sensitive websites such as your bank from a public Wi-Fi network or access those important photos from places that don’t allow social networks.


Ellipse Bike Lock Is Smart and Solar Powered

Ellipse is a smarter bike lock that can lock and unlock your bike from the lift of your phone that there is no need for key.

Ellipse can even set it to unlock automatically when you approach your bike and no worries if your phone dies, you can enter your personal code into the Ellipse touchpad instead, Ellipse has inbuilt solar power that allows it charge automatically as you go about your day.

In case anyone disturbs your bike ellipse will send an alert to your phone.


LAER 2.0: A Laptop Sleeve To Charge All Your Devices

When you’re on the move you need power that moves with you, Laer is made for this purpose, it’s a Bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve which can charge your Laptop PC or Mac smartphone and tablet simultaneously where ever you are, so instead of having to pack chargers adapters and power banks you just bring Laer with your devices already inside and charge along with the both in battery.

Laer can never be lose because with the laer app installed on your device it is easily trackable, it uses a replaceable battery with 20000Mah capacity.


Cubiio is a compact laser engraver in your head, start to work right out of the box cube yodelin meets your sketch and makes it come true right on your desk.

Cubiio works on vertical surfaces and it’s also suitable for a limited space, you can connect your tablet or smartphone choose a favorite color and engraved cubiio is super small portable that you can take it everywhere laser without limitation, use cubiio to connect people in the city, connect your thoughts to reality.

Cubiio engraves on wood, leather craft board paper and many other materials, it can also cut off models from paper board or felt.

Cubiio can decorate your home, decorate for your loved ones drawing you out and print immediately, personalize your belongings, style your plac.


Z4 Aurora is a small theatre, that’s able to turn your wall into theatre in seconds and deliver you an ultimate home theatre just plug it in, connected to your Wi-Fi and you’ll be able to stream your favorite shows from Netflix, Hulu and any other Android supported services with up to 300 inches giant screen and 700 ANSI lumens.

The Aurora supports 1080P and 4k picture quality output so it’s compatible with the latest game system airplay and Android apps.

The Aurora also has built-in customized Harman Kardon crystal stereo you’ll get high quality sound and incredible listening experience.

The Z4 Aurora also project 3D with this 3D function you will see incredible images leaping out of your wall.

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